Forming a Line


Today i will be writing about a ROFL(rolling on the floor laughing) incident that recently happened in my school, courtesy my very own cute and lovable kiddos. This incident literally had all the teachers in my school,including me, laughing for hours over how sweet and innocent kids can be without even the slightest effort on their part. The human brain is designed to be so simple as a child, it really makes me wonder how we manage to pick up so much crap and make it so complicated as we grow up.

Anyways, without further digressing from the topic i shall start straight away: Now when we Teach For India fellows enter classrooms, we teach our kids procedures so as to ensure that all the normal transitory activities in the classroom are done flawlessly(though that is never the case,for the kids always tend to pull something off) and in minimal time. The time saved in such activities can be utilized in so many different amazing ways(will write about that sometime soon). So, i had explained to my kids how to make a line while going out for the assembly and coming back right in the first week of my entry in the class. However, as time progressed, i noticed that the kids were not making the line according to height order, this was just spoiling all the aesthetic value of their actually standing so smartly in the assembly in a straight line. Thus, on last Friday, i gave them a big lecture on how important it was to arrange things properly and how good it would look if they would actually form a line with the shortest kid right in the front and the tallest at the back. The kids were then made to practice this and they all got pretty invested in making a line in ascending order( When some of them said that, i felt so proud of them for my teaching the concept had not gone waste and they were utilizing it in their real lives analysis of things). After this i got back to teaching for the day.

Now, the next day i got a bit late and reached 5 minutes after the assembly had started, It was then that the other teachers told me that class 3 today was refusing to form a line and come out for the assembly. I was shocked and couldn’t really understand as to why would they think of doing anything like that. So, i went and questioned my kids as to why they were not ready to form a line esp. after bhaiya had taught them that just yesterday. To this, Hemanshi,the 2nd most shortest kid in my class, very cutely stood up and said: Bhaiya, aapne hi to kaha tha ki shortest come first. Rahul,the shortest one, paani pine gaya tha isliye hum log uska vapas aane ka wait kar rahe the ( Bhaiya: you had told us that the shortest kid comes first and since Rahul, the shortest kid, was out for drinking water we were waiting for him to come back and start the line). I broke out laughing and immediately went to share this with the other teachers in my school to share this light moment with them( Yep, an attempt at investing the other teachers in my school, though they are all already a lot invested). A Priceless moment right, well trust me you will have loads of them if you are teacher # another reason on why to apply for Teach For India.

Also, its just amazing as to just how the kids tend to follow your every little instructions you give with all the dedication in the world, its just so lovable, it just makes me feel so much more responsible towards my behavior and everything else towards them and in front of them. Lovely kiddos, you are definitely making your bhaiya such a much better and so much more responsible as a person.



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