When Nishant spoke English for the 1st time


Nishant is one of those kids who if they bond with you would want you to give them all the attention in the world. Yes, he expects to be the cynosure of my eyes throughout the day. This often leads him to trouble for he tries all the antics in the world to get my attention. I don’t know if he is suffering from a attention seeking syndrome as some people may call it or not, i simply look at it as an attempt by a kid to get all the affection and love he can out of me for the time he is in school as the conditions in his home are really bad. However, that is not what i am writing about today.

So, here is how this happened: Nishant has always been a kid who lags behind in everything, he is a kid who doesn’t want to do anything except grab Bhaiya’s attention. However, it was this particular habit of his which one day got him to do something that i was unable to get out of him(or for the matter of the fact out of many kids). I was teaching them maths and playing a game which involved team competition wherein the teams had to answer the right question to gather points. So, after the game got over, i turned to jot down the points on the team charts and it turned out that Team Kalam got the highest point in the game. Now, Rajeev(A very bright student) who is in Team Kalam started dancing by moving his hands( the kids in my class dance in a very cute manner wherein they just move their arms while they are still seated in their seats, this is all due to one kid Sumit who has taught this to all others) while i was jotting down the points(looking towards the charts off-course). Now, As i turned Nishant in order to seek attention stood up to inform me of what Rajeev had done. Seeing him stand up, i was almost about to scold him when he said: Bhaiya,You give point, Rajeev Dancing like this and he imitated the actions with the statement. I must have stood there for around 10 seconds motionless and nonplussed(while something inside me was actually dancing in joy)unable to believe what had just happened. Nishant, a child who is still struggling with his ABCD’s has just stood up and said a full sentence of English in front of the whole class. My day had been made and i knew i would be smiling a lot more today than on other days.
Thank you Nishant for the priceless moment. I dream of a day when you would stand up on a dias and give a speech, which you would have written yourself, to a huge audience. Bhaiya would work with double the sense of urgency that he has ever had to make sure you get there soon. Love you a lot kiddo.


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