Bhaiya:Saand’s(bull’s) wife is bhains(buffalo) rite?

Hello all,
A very funny incident occurred in my class a few days back, I finally have the time to write about it. So here it goes, it so happened that I was taking RC(reading comprehension) in my class and I had handed out RC texts to my class in which different animals were eating different things making different noises. The first page was about a cow who eats grass making the sound of munch-munch. You all ought to see the cute action my kiddos do for munch-munch. Coming back to the story, so after making them read this I was teaching them how to answer basic Who,what and where questions in complete sentences. I had already taught them a bit of sentences in the previous grammar lesson. Since, they had just learnt framing up sentences in English, the fever of making new sentences was in the air and the kids were busy churning up new, weird sentences by joining up any and everything they could think about (mixing up hindi withe the liitle broken english they know and have learnt in the past few weeks).
What followed was a funny mixture of kid’s sentence framing ability and the RC text that I had just read out. The mention of a cow had started a funny argument between Vinay and Nitesh as to whether she was the wife of a Saand or it was the other way around, dat is saand aka bull is wife of bhains aka buffallo. Having failed to reach any conclusion by themselves, Vinay decided to stand up and ask me( he talks a lot but is very intelligent as well). So, all of a sudden in the middle class Vinay stands up(yes he broke the rule of not raising his hand first) and asking: “Bhaiya, Saand’s wife is Bhains na.” The whole class including me burst into laughter. The kids are so innocent that they are never afraid of saying what’s in their mind out straight.
I wonder where this quality disappear’s as we grow up.


4 thoughts on “Bhaiya:Saand’s(bull’s) wife is bhains(buffalo) rite?

  1. Whether or not the habit disappears remains in the hand of the person to whom the question is asked.. if children are appreciated and encouraged to ask questions,i feel this quality will stay with them life long!! so try to dat wit ur kids!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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