Rahul’s enchanting smile

Hello all,

Teaching can be a really monotonous job at times for you have to follow a very strict routine to become a good teacher(i guess that’s the case with all professions). However, as and when you let your routine go astray, your teaching in class gets badly affected. Your energy levels wouldn’t be at your best if you don’t sleep well or if you don’t plan well for your class. So, it was one of the days where i hadn’t slept well. I am fresh out of college, still very raw and 4 years of engg. college have really got me much more than what i could have imagined. I have become a really lazy person and have developed a really bad habit of sleeping late at night. Now, even though i am trying to change this habit but at times, i just can’t sleep early no matter what. So coming back to the topic of being at a low energy level inside the class due to sleeping late, i was a bit irritated since i had been teaching continuously for over three and a half hours and wanted to rest for a while. The kids have a knack of discovering the moments when your energy level is low or you want to rest and they then tend to take you for a ride, esp in my class where i am trying hard to do without a classroom management technique.

My kids were making a really loud noise and were just not in the mood of listening and i was really trying to teach them phonics( now i have realized you should never try to teach phonics at a time when your energy is down). So, i told them to say the sound of n out loud with the appropriate action as well and i can still so distinctly remmember them going on and on with the sound with just no intention whatsoever of stopping.The sound got to my head and i shouted loudly, suddenly the whole class became very quiet, infact a creepy kind of silence came over the kids, a silence that i didn’t like, mostly because i knew i shouldn’t have shouted at them, After all it wasn’t there fault that i was feeling sleepy and was low on energy. I told my kids to take out there RC stories and start coloring the setting in the books. I do this thing in my class wherein my kids color different literary elements i.e: Character, setting etc. in there Reading A-Z text-books that i give them, whenever i need time to arrange my class or work over something else. The kids started coloring and i was just sitting in the chair sulking over my lack of self control and routine in life. It was just then that Rahul, a very cute kid in my class got up and brought his RC text to me and while showing me the coloring, he asked that bhaiya isn’t the caar that the lady is driving also part of the setting, i said yes it is: Then,  Rahul smiled towards me and turning around said to his partner: Dekha, maine bola tha na. The way Rahul smiled at me, with that innocence in his eyes is something i wont be able to forget in a long long time.

Rahul’s smile brought back the positivity in me and i still remember myself hugging Rahul and smiling for at-least 5 minutes after that. Its these moments that give you the power to hold on and trust me, that becomes really tough at times esp in the very start of this fellowship. I hope Rahul, that bhaiya can give you a lot more reasons so that you always display that amazing, enchanting smile of yours.

Nakul Arora


P.S: I hope that someday Rahul you read this post on your own and after reading it, i know you will definitely smile.

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