The Loner

I am the Loner;

The quiet kid that no-one seems to notice;

The invisible one in a group;

The shy one standing by the corners avoiding attention;

The awkward one amidst the chirping crowds;

The one unable to neither fit in nor stand out;

Stuck somewhere in a place that people seldom care about;

I am the Loner;

The eerily silent one;

Some find me weird;

Others say I am snobbish and full of myself;

Some look through me;

Others quietly ignore;

Few understand where all this silence is from;

I am the loner;

Uniquely beautiful, One of a kind;

Crazy as hell, in my awkwardness, I am alive;

In my silence you will find books unwritten;

In my solitude, stories untold;

I am the loner;

Holding my swag amidst the crowd;

Standing tall, I sway to my own tune;

Dancing the crazy dance on a rhythm unknown;

I am the loner;

Lovely within and without;

Look closely my friend;

I am not so different after all;




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