Belief is a 100% not even .0001% less.

You either believe or you don’t.

It isn’t grey like everything else in the world. It’s either there or not. You can’t claim to have belief in the energy and then, jump up at the first sign of uncertainty. When you believe, you just have to flow through both the good and the bad, through both when it seems to make sense and when it doesn’t. You have to kill the “”I” within while keeping it alive without. The energy will play its music through you or flow through you only and only if you are an empty vessel, for only then would you be free to go wherever it wants to take, howsoever it wants to take you.

For only then would you listen to its calling with utmost devotion and follow it unconditionally. Only then would you sacrifice all that you perceive or identify as your self for it;

For only then would you understand and accept the temporary, the ephemeral nature of it all and move on each moment with both being attached and detached simultaneously;

For only then, would you be dancing within while being still without and dancing without while being still within;

For only then, would you be both the individual and the divine;

For only then, would you be both the movement and the stillness;

For only then, would you be, utterly free, in this very moment, the now and the here. For only then would it all cease to exist and non-exist simultaneously;

For only then would the bondage break and yet hold you down. For only then would you identify both your true and temporary self;

For only then would you realize the futility of it all, even these realizations, these writings, these thoughts, these actions, the world, the relationships, the sounds, the sights, life, death;


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