Questioning the Unknown: What’s Good or Evil

Will there be any Good if there isn’t any Evil?

Will there be any Evil if there isn’t any Good?

For aren’t good or evil simply relative degrees of each other?

Doesn’t each exists only as a relative comparison of other, simply depending on the viewpoint?

So, then Is a stage of all good(fully white) even possible and should it be aspired to?

What difference then does it make to walk down either path, be it good or evil?

Why be Good then?

Why not be Evil then?

13 thoughts on “Questioning the Unknown: What’s Good or Evil

    • True.. But don’t you think the actions we may or may not take are determined 50% by our own will and 50% by the setting we are in as a result of so many different things. So, a person might not be evil/good if they are put in different settings, right? Who determines the other 50% part and why it instigates evil in some and good in other? What are your thoughts on this?

  1. someone said to me once that we all have all of the archetypes we know in us. Thus we have our angel, devil, great mother, great father, murderer, killer, psychopath, etc. The trick seems to be to take responsibility for each of the archetypes and bring each to consciousness, rather than projecting it on to someone else. This is a lifetime study. It is also important that kids be exposed to real life people of many types so that they have hope and a good spectrum of archetypes. And best if they are not given the false impression that their parent is always or entirely good.

    • True.. If a parent is stated to be all good, the kid would never be ready for the real world where its all gray. The kid would then be shocked and not know how to react and might get irritated with good altogether and turn to the other side of his/her personality.

    • Hmmm.. I think so too. For, with some people we tend to see even their wrongs as not evil whereas for others, we are so judgmental. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I had kinda forgotten this.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • For both of you…the kind of scenarios you are stating here are grey areas where evil and good depends on perception, like office politics for example. Whereas there are few areas which are purely evil…rape for example..there is no perception. It is and always will be evil.

      • Hi Saya, Thank you so much for adding to the discussion. On my views of a rapist, Yes, they are horrible people but would you say that they are fully evil, i.e, 100% black?
        Isn’t rape as an incident fully evil and not rapist as the person. Would it be fair to judge the person fully on just one incident of their lives?
        People end up murdering people too, in a fit of rage, and the moment its done, they know its wrong and regret it. This is a much larger debate and honestly, I myself don’t know. What do you think?

  2. I also agree with the above comment- there is no good or evil, it is all perception. The acts of rape/murder etc are against life, so are completely indefensible and not acceptable- the doer and the acts are not ‘evil’ to me though as that is a judgment rather than observance. When we go into judgment, so much of our power is taken away. Justice and punishment are very different things- the true meaning getting lost in the ‘justice’ systems around the world where loopholes abound and it’s about who has the smartest lawyer. Why have we moved away from an eye for an eye? I’m not saying it’s the answer as I am still in “I don’t know what I think” in that regard but I think the question is worth asking. We are all trained and conditioned to have these belief systems that suit the power players. We need to question our thoughts and beliefs on everything to discover whether they are ours or someone else’s! And I truly believe moving away from judgment is the only way to be free- that does not mean accepting any behaviour against life or that interferes in your life, or that justice should not be sought. I just question what we are seeing as justice- and indeed, the idea of good and bad.

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