Seeking that Unneeded External Attention

The way our society is functioning currently, there is one thing that is clearly apparent: People these days crave for external attention. Now, if we were to learn from history, we would know that any form of external appreciation comes after a lot of hard-work or years of dedication and commitment. Its with your actions rather than just your words that you earn that true respect of others  and you become a leader. Its truly said of a leader: “When your actions inspire others to do more, work ahead, You are a leader”

However, with the recent trend of external appreciation coming to the top of the priority list of most people, our society has become all about who can show what and how can he show it off best, people are working more towards ensuring that they get the attention more than anything else. So, when they had rather be focusing on getting quality in their actions or challenging themselves to do more, the current trend of individuals would be busy in developing ways of projecting themselves in the best possible ways. They would puts their head to work on finding ways in which they can attract maximum public attention by doing minimum work and in many cases by creating the maximum noise. They would resort to grovelling, boot-licking and lose out totally on the genuinity factor just to ensure that they keep getting that much needed external attention. In-fact, these people are so addicted to it that they are unable to take in any criticism and in most of the cases reside in their self-created heavens which are nowhere near ground reality. The major point of that attention being fake doesn’t really make any difference. In-fact, if you just observe around yourselves, you will find so many cases of people who just talk to each other to cater to their ego’s. So, both of them would be praising each other and gloating in these praises, when in reality none of them really mean it or even give a damn and the irony of the situation is that they both would deep within know the reality but would still enjoy it. It makes me wonder as to how can someone enjoy something that their inner-self shouts out to them as being false. Also, you would see tons of such people greeting you or each other without yet again giving a damn, for all they would want is to be showing the world how friendly they are. How can such people even wake up and look at themselves in the mirror. How can they be so lost in their own self-conceited worlds.

Also, for a person who is seeking that quality of work in his life, this category of people can be a big hindrance for the amount of noise they create is plain irritating and also, in the short run, the levels of attention these people attract due to their big talks can put a good guy off track. In times like these, a person has to really fight back the urge(with all their strength) to prevent himself from falling to their levels, for a person who seeks quality in his life would never be satisfied by that fake, short-lived attention. Also, he should inherently believe in a very basic paradigm of life: If your fundamentals are strong, there is nothing that can sway you from your path. However,the course of time when the fundamentals are still taking shape is the time when one must take caution and avoid falling in this trap.

The moment a person starts giving importance to the opinion of others and starts living his life according to them is when that person stops seeking his own opinions and stops using his inherent ability to introspect. He/she then just ends up becoming a puppet which moves according to the opinions that the society holds of him with no self-awareness whatsoever for all he does is try to please others. A very famous Indian Folk tale tells us a story about the harsh fact that no matter what a person does: someone somewhere would always be dissatisfied and the best that can be done is to be self-aware and continue working by ignoring such people and their negative thoughts. All that a hard-working person control is his work and he should continue working hard without any desire whatsoever of the credits for there is something that i really believe: The universe has his own beautiful way of rewarding those who work without seeking any credit or benefits. Have Patience, for Miracles Do Happen.




3 thoughts on “Seeking that Unneeded External Attention

  1. ” makes me wonder as to how can someone enjoy something that their inner-self shouts out to them as being false”

    Nakul, these are true words but from your point-of-view. You are assuming that (most of these) people believe it to be fake and still go about doing it!

    I believe these people have their own role to play in shaping the society and ‘good people’. That is bcos they help bring out the courage, confidence, genuineness, will power to fight amongst those whose thoughts don’t align with the fakes.

    Next time you encounter someone you think is fake, put yourself in their shoes. Think about their life story, their experiences which shaped them the way they are today. Being fake is a way of living for some, to get things done in a society where it actually works.

    Your post on Ajay Kumar: The Cindrella Boy just goes on to reiterate that everybody has their own life story and what they do and don’t do, feel and think is moulded and customized for them…

    P.S.: The reply got a l’il too long.. Sorry

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