The Dilemma : Is There A GOD??

The recent events in my life and some of the knowledge that i have picked up by reading books has led me into a very interesting dilemma, finding the answer of which is not very easy apparently. Its working continuously at the back of my mind for days yielding no result or even a middle way whatsoever.

The Dilemma is: Is there a God?

Now, if i believe that there is a god and he is the writer of destiny for us all. All we need to do is follow it up with hard-work and he would keep sending those required motivational things, that keep us going, at respective stages without us worrying about them whatsoever. This would make life so so easy right for then all i would have to do is work hard and let god take care of the rest. However, what about the fact that some other person may be working as hard as me but he wouldn’t get that lucky as me all of a sudden maybe just due to circumstances. Thus, Is the All-knowing God favoring some people over others? Phew, a very deep and big question to which i have no answer. I don’t really buy the concept of previous life Karma due to lack of any substantial proof(or maybe as of now its just my lack of knowledge that makes me question this and that might change if i happen to come across any such proof).

On the other hand, if i choose to believe that there is no God and that a man writes his own destiny based on his own actions, then where and how do i explain the phenomenons in which some people just come into your life for just a small part and leave after teaching you a valuable lesson(i.e: playing there role) that would help you a lot in getting to your ultimate goal. Also, the fact that in first, finding and then getting to your purpose in life, you are assisted by a lot of people who all have their  own roles at their own specific intervals. How and why they come in that particular pattern can not be explained by just a man writing his own destiny through his actions.Or, is all of this a mere coincidence. As of now, I have absolutely no clue whatsoever.

Also, the fact that a person is at God’s whim despite his working hard and following a proper life to get where he wants to get, for its him(God) that arranges all the different pieces of the puzzle together. I seem to find this a bit too hard to digest and also very unfair. How does the all-mighty(as he is referred to) decide on whom to grant this exclusive right and on whom not to. Totally beyond my current levels of understanding and reasoning.

So basically, either way around i am getting no answer. As of now i choose to just follow the only thing that is clear to me which is just letting my actions match upto my thoughts and not really caring about other things in the world. This has led me to quite a many answers before, i hope it leads me to answers again.


4 thoughts on “The Dilemma : Is There A GOD??

  1. join the gang…. stop finding god…. explore the world around… feel beautiful moments, see amazing wonders, smell sweet fragrances and hear rock…. tht is my idea of god… and trust me it changes always….

    • I already do that….i enjoy the beauty around, i try to be one with the nature and not only this i even fall in love with the amazing wonders that some human beings have been able to create…….Its just that this question keeps popping up every now and then…..I was recently listening to this beautiful song by AR Rehman in which he is praising the creator. Now, a part of me connected wit the song while a part just couldn’t for it didn’t really know if the lyrics in the song actually meant something, in such moments i seek the answer buddy……..

  2. Let’s not use ‘God’. Find answers within you, your heart’s calling, your passion in life, call it whatever. Look for it within, and try that your external experiences enrich your ability to connect with your heart/passion. Stop searching outside.

    My two cents 🙂

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