Questioning the Unknown: Ideal State of Being

Is there an Ideal state of Being?


Is Being fully in itself an ideal state?

Wouldn’t the search for an ideal state lead one astray from the journey i.e Being?

But then

Would one be able to simply be without having an ideal to aspire to?Β 

This brings me to the final questions:

Why do we need an ideal state to aspire to?

Aren’t we ideal the way we are in this very moment?

P.S: The creation never fails to puzzle me. Infinite questions arise in my mind throughout the day on the varied manifestations of the universal energy. I will be sharing these queries as a series with all of you with the hope of finding some answers. πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Questioning the Unknown: Ideal State of Being

  1. haha. This reminds me of something I was thinking about yesterday. What do all humans aspire to be? What is the perfect state of being? Does this include surroundings, your environment? This could be me in a few years.
    Good posts!

    • Thank you… These random questions keep coming to my mind and i thought of sharing them so as to hopefully find some perspectives.. i have a question for you: Most humans i see are aspiring for the perfect one, i.e. GOD. They tend to attribute all perfections to this someone as a means for themselves to have something to aspire towards?

      • I’m confused. This question is convoluted Not really sure what the question is….
        Um…My opinion (And I don’t have a religion) is that humans need a purpose in life, to aspire to be or accomplish something. For some, this is to enter the ranks of perfection, or what they deem perfect. For others, this is to live up to someone else’s expectations, or images of acceptable/ perfect. Maybe it’s just that humans need to have a purpose?

  2. Hi! Thank you for your “like” on “He Calmed the Storm” on Picture My Thoughts. I hope you will stop by again. I publish one photo each day. I read your post. Creation fascinates me! There is such mathematical perfection! I love to photograph small things. Often, things like the tiles of a lizard’s skin, the sections of an insect’s compound eye or the center of a flower’s bloom are so exciting to view as I zoom in on their incredible detail. Again, I hope you visit Picture My Thoughts again.

  3. Well, those same questions come up in my mind too and keep me thinking and wondering for hours. And up till now, what I have realized from my observations is that as human beings, we all ‘aspire’ to be ‘Happy’. Take a look around, we’ll see people working hard/ cheating/ or using all other means to either earn money or the various leisures. Which in the end will make them happy by full-filling their ‘never-really ending’ desires! And so this state of being or trying to be blissful continues to make us humans commit deeds – good or bad which stands in the way of being in an ideal state of being!
    On the other hand, for now I think being content and satisfied with what one has and moving on the path of/for goodness can be considered as the ideal state of being!

  4. i think there isn’t an answer only because the ideal state is a mentality people forge themselves. we aspire to those who are deemed perfect, yet they really aren’t. They try to imitate what the ideal state of another person or being because they see that it works for them. many of us are drawn to the one’s who has done many big things to change their lives, but realize that it’s more of gathering some insight and now you have been placed with the decision to carry out the words of the insight or seek your own understanding of the beyond by experimenting and exploring or both. the funny thing is, Its only a given interpretation on how they see it through their experience. doesn’t make it true doesn’t make it false. words of great philosopher’s like Watts,Osho,Emerson, resonate with me. i’m done, don’t want make too long of a paragraph. all and all i feel its not about having one its more presenting your dao in a way that resonates with the people. making your mind feel…. transcendent.

  5. seeking nothing…we align with that which IS.Then we are no longer at war and we find that life in its magnificence has always been inside us…When we question our thoughts which fragment the whole…we begin to chuckle at our “doing” and we become still inside..Coming from nothing BEING everything…Ha!

    You are awesome that you think through the illusions of thought! Heart to Heart Robyn

      • .Fragmentation became the biggest ‘illusion’ Yet without this we would never “SEE” inside…Our own beliefs that we need to “BE” this way or that way,,,has some false sense of power related to it…then we could say ” you did it” and the possibility of our own creation becomes almost to much to take…Yet when “THIS THOUGHT” lets go of us we can be “STILL” and connect to holistic humanity where we truly experience love…this veil of separation is then lifted…and we “SEE” for the first time..we are everything and nothing…Heart to Heart Robyn.
        Yes it seems to be a progression of lifetimes that we seem to experience the illusion,until we wake up within “the dream”

  6. When I was younger, I looked for the holy grail of the “meaning of life” or the ideal state, but now I’m just being in the “now”. This is as “ideal” as I’m going to be, not that I won’t strive to be a better, wiser, more kind person… But each day I will be the “ideal” me of that day. I love the Maya Angelou quote, β€œI did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

    • Wow.. Thank you for such a beautiful reply. You have answered such a complex question with such simplicity. This is so true, right? Each moment, in the now we are ideal the way we are, as it is. So, the search for an ideal state in reality then doesn’t exist for we are already what we were searching for. Thank you for the brilliant insight.. πŸ™‚

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