Love and Attachment

A really interesting conversation with a really close friend led me to a better and actual understanding of how we often end up ruining the beauty of love by attaching ourselves to the object/person. Love is a feeling, a beautiful feeling of utmost care, trust towards any particular thing be it a object, place or person, in-fact i don’t think words can ever do justice to it, you got to feel it to know it. Love will always create a feeling of bliss, a perfect sense of contentment and happiness in the heart of the lover for they would feel complete. So, why is it that we see so many lovers around us constantly involved in brawls and engulfed in pain borne out of their relationships. Barring out the few who are just together to satisfy their desires be it of money, sex or just company, why do we even see so many of the relationships which start on a truly honest note end up going so sour. Is love really responsible for all that pain that a person experiences on a break-up? I would disagree totally on this, love can’t ever bring pain to either of the lover’s. Its attachment that brings us the pain and we almost always end up mistaking it as love. I will explain this with the help of an observation(through which my own thoughts got shaped).

The other day in the early morning hours, i was standing in my verandah, sipping tea and observing the small  park opposite my room. There was a  beautiful blue colored bird playing/flying over a tree. The bird in that surrounding was looking so so perfect, with its blue figure in front of the green, dew filled leaves of the tree and the sunrise colored background. Its moments like these which make you realize of the beauty so prevalent in each small detail of nature. I fell in love with that bird there in that moment. Now, every morning when i have my tea, i hop around to my window hoping to catch another glimpse of the bird. I experienced a moment of bliss that day and my heart yearns for more of it. Since i want more of that moment i can tend to make a mistake of buying one such bird to keep for myself(possess). The moment, i want to have that bird for myself, i lose the most crucial thing about love: Faith. I lose belief in the universe’s ability to provide me with more such moments. Also, i end up attaching all my feelings/sentiments to that particular bird, i totally forget the fact that it was the bird along with the surroundings and a host of other things that made that moment perfect. I also forget i fell in love with the bird as a free being not captured in a cage, the desire of seeing more of it and keeping it all to myself takes so over my mind that i get attached to the object failing to realize that this wasn’t the object i fell in love with in the first place. Instead, if i just let the bird be free and keep my belief in the universe intact, i would experience more such moments, not only this i would also forever treasure that one moment in my heart knowing and understanding fully well how lucky i was to even experience it for a moment.

Same goes the case with falling in love, true love can never function under any rules/bondage’s, it is meant to be free. The moment you set it free, give the other person all the space they need and let them grow their natural way, you would realize how well that comes along. Also, if during that process you lose that other person, you understand that it was meant to be such and would be grateful for the time spent together. You will value the love in your heart and not let it fall prey to attachment. Lets take a case wherein after a point in a relationship, the two different people realize that their ways are going apart but they still cling on to each other, out of the fear of not finding anyone else, would the relation still be beautiful? It will lose all its beauty for that faith is gone. Have faith on the universe. It sent you one such person and now that this relation is over, it will at the right time, send the next one along. Imagine the bliss you would experience in spending life with one such person who perfectly understands and respects your space and gives you the freedom to grow the way you want, imagine the amount of love and respect that will flow out from you for that person and the loyalty that will then come for him/her.

Understand the way the world works: Fall in love with things/person’s but never get attached for the moment attachment comes, the feeling of possession comes and we start wanting it all for ourselves, therein we lose faith in the simple fact that out of so many people in the world, the universe  made us meet that particular person in whose company we were blessed enough with those precious moments, we tend to ignore and go against the basic power that enabled us in the first place. Align yourself to the way it functions and then just observe how beautifully things play out. Believe in yourself and the universe for that is what love is all about. 


2 thoughts on “Love and Attachment

  1. Its good to know ,there are still people who understand LOVE in its true pure form , & you really explained it in a beautiful yet simple example of the bird , how we fell in love for its true colors & how we end up being selfish & change its shades …..
    really good post …..

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