The Monologue

Character: Self Audience: Self/The Universe Setting: Standing at the edge of a cliff in the Himalayas Objective: To seek and to be Standing here, yet again I think of jumping. But into what, I know not. Haven’t I jumped multiple times already. Can it be more uncertain that it already is. I am not even…

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I am a mere instrument, the music is his

Dancing within and without; there are times, when I do mistake the dance to be mine With inflated ego, I go round and round; being it all. both the dancer and the dance; In those moments of seeking and enjoying fame, little do I remember the privilege that comes attached to the “I”; The privilege of being…

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The 230 Taka Milkshake and the 15 Taka Poha

It was a seemingly normal day in Dhaka and after getting free from work, I decided to grab a quick bite in a nearby restaurant Yellow Submarine. I had heard a lot about this place but this was my first time there. Upon entering it, I realized how expensive it is but since I was…

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Is there a point to it all

Is there a point in falling in love; In dancing in the rain; In singing with the birds; In feeling unity or diversity or indifference towards anything or everything; Is there a point in providing a month load of grains, so as to absolve our own conscience, to a person who has lost it all;…

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The small boat in the big Banani lake

My current home is right besides the Banani lake in Dhaka, Bangladesh and from the big window in my room, I am blessed with a mesmerizing view. The lake is mostly empty except for a few boats which keep plying in the lake ferrying people from one end to another. Some boats make the regular…

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To float and flow, Let go

To float and flow, Let go; To experience the magic present all around, Let go; To cease seeking control over it all, Let go; To listen to the melody of the Universe, Let go; To break free from the clutches of the mind, Let go; To witness the oneness in all that’s dual, Let go;…

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O’ Universe, Beautiful is thy way

O’ Universe! Beautiful is thy way The more I let go of control, the more control I have over it all; The more logic I seek,  the less it makes sense; The more I go with the flow, the more alive I feel; All that exists is uncertain, yet it all seems so certain; O’…

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