The Impermanence Of It All

I remember distinctly the last time i visited Tughlakabad fort. I was seated atop its highest point and all around me were nothing but ruins, ruins of what had been a fine city, ruins of what once had been alive, with a king, his subjects and all that’s good and bad. And now look how…

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Vairagya : Utter detachment from the world

There are moments when I feel this deep suffocation, a feeling of utter discontentment, an immense indifference towards anything and everything. There is this strong urge to just run away from everything. The mere presence of people stifles me, be it in my home or the market place or a professional setting. I just want…

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To Experience Stillness: DANCE

Dance People;  If you are shy, like I am, do it alone in your room but do it fully.  Let your body flow in whatever direction it wants.  Let it become one with the rhythm, the ups and downs of music.  Let it slowly merge you with the universal energy all around. Let it loosen…

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Shaktism and Kundalini

Originally posted on Rajarshi14's Blog:
Among the various paths within Indian spirituality, one of the most important is Shaktism – or the worship of Shakti (Power/Energy) which is personified as the Goddess. The philosophy is known as Shaktism and an adherent of the path is called a ShaktA. Some believe that this branch of…

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Oneness: You Beauty

I am the person standing at the edge of the mountain. I am the railing holding back. I am the deep abyss. I am the air present all around; below in the abyss or above towards the beautiful, blue sky. I am the desire to fly/jump. I am the Belief, the craziness, the thought behind…

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What’s life But A Joke

In these chilly Delhi nights, when i see myself shivering in cold despite wearing 4 layers of clothing while the kid standing beside me goes about his daily job of begging in just one shirt without even a shiver, I am forced to wonder What’s life But A Joke. In a tribal village deep in…

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