Readings from the Gita: Day 1 Chapter 5

Doing everything without action, and doing nothing while ceaselessly acting – how noble, enchanting and poetic the idea is! The fifth chapter has thus been raised to a very high plane. In this chapter, two forms of the state of akarma have been directly compared with each other. Language falls short in this attempt. Who…

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Yes!! I am a Believer

The last 20 days of living in the laps of the majestic Himalayas have turned me into a believer. Yes!! I am a Believer.. A believer of the Divine Energy; A believer of the mystical Sufi Ali; A believer of the ideal Vairagi & destroyer Shiva; A believer of the compassionate Jesus; A believer of…

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The Statues of Mud

What are we but Statues of Mud? Is there something else to us other than our bodies, which arise from mud and return to it? Imagine a mud statue of any god or demon sitting atop a marble stand. If that statue were to fall and break, would the god/demon cease to exist? Would it…

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What is the TRUTH: The Sight

I have often wondered what in reality is the TRUTH? Is it what we see all around through the medium of our eyes? If so, then are all the things we haven’t seen mere illusions? Do we accept as truth what others would have or claim to have seen Or Do we only trust what…

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Taking the Plunge: The Call of the Himalayas

3 years back, fresh out of my college (IIT-BHU), i had left the conventional career path and opted for social work. Back then, I was answering the call of seeking answer to a question: “Why i wasn’t in the place of the child i saw stealing in the railway station & Why wasn’t he in…

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Oneness: You Beauty

I am the person standing at the edge of the mountain. I am the railing holding back. I am the deep abyss. I am the air present all around; below in the abyss or above towards the beautiful, blue sky. I am the desire to fly/jump. I am the Belief, the craziness, the thought behind…

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